With QRM, the difference is clear

In Australia’s increasingly competitive motor vehicle insurance market, there is a need to provide excellent customer service, and value by minimising the risk of excessive claims costs.

Your choice of the right claims assessment partner can make all the difference.

QRM is a leading independent provider of motor vehicle insurance claims assessment. We work with, underwriting agencies, brokers, fleet operators and insurance companies across Australia to provide quality claims assessments and expert risk analysis that deliver long-term benefits for our clients.

  • How It Work

    QRM’s thorough and efficient process provides insurers and underwriters with significant savings
    covering every aspect of your claims assessment.


      Vehicle repair quotes can vary widely – without an expert checking the details on your behalf, you may end up paying more than you should. We have access to the latest parts and labour pricing so we can validate every quote to ensure it is legitimate. The differences may surprise you.


      Our expert assessors have access to desktop digital investigation technology for every claim. Our online camera software provides a 360-degree rotational view of every aspect of the vehicle so we can provide an immediate estimate followed by a qualified investigative assessment of damage, parts and labour. This ensures we process your claims assessment efficiently and accurately, with no delay.


      We always carry out an independent onsite inspection for complex or high value repairs to ensure every detail is covered and we can analyse the true nature of the problem.


      You’ll then receive a detailed assessment report outlining all costs. Where appropriate, we also renegotiate the repair quote on your behalf, ensuring you maximise your savings.


      We’re confident our service will more than pay for itself – so we’ll share those insights with you. Every month, you’ll receive a report clearly detailing the return on investment you are receiving through our service, across all your claims costs including third party assessments. You’ll see the comparison between original claims quotes, our assessment and the final outcome.

  • Are you paying more than you should?

    Book a no-obligation claims assessment demonstration, and we’ll show you where you could potentially save on your accident and repair claims.

  • Quantum Risk Management Claims mobile app!

    From Quantum Risk Management this app is an easy to use claims notification tool for QRM customers.

    Easily capture the QRM important information required following an accident, e.g. exact location, other driver details, you can also upload photos of the accident direct from your iPhone. your accident and repair claims.

  • Accurate, transparent motor vehicle accident assessment